Who We Are
Welcome to the heart of our community, where the vibrant spirit of the Dominican Republic resonates across the Canadian landscape. We are a dedicated committee of Dominicans who have come together in the Great White North, bound by a shared love for our homeland. Our mission is simple yet profound – to proudly raise the Dominican flag in various cities across Canada, commemorating the pivotal moments in our history with an annual Dominican Flag Raising Ceremony.

As a committee, we recognize the importance of preserving our cultural heritage and fostering a sense of unity among Dominicans living in Canada. Each year, during the Dominican Flag Raising Ceremony, we celebrate the fervor of the Dominican Independence Day and the significance of the Restoration Day. These events serve not only as a reminder of our roots but also as an opportunity to build bridges between our Dominican identity and our Canadian home.

Our Mission
Our journey is marked by a commitment to community building, cultural preservation, and the celebration of our shared triumphs. Through the years, we have witnessed the Dominican flag proudly swaying in the Canadian breeze, a symbol of our resilience and unity as a community.

Join us in our mission to strengthen the ties that bind us to the Dominican Republic, even as we forge new connections with fellow Dominicans in Canada. Our committee serves as a nexus, a place where traditions are honored, friendships are cultivated, and the Dominican spirit thrives.

As we continue to raise our flag high, we invite you to be part of this vibrant tapestry of Dominican culture in Canada. Thank you for your support and for being an integral part of our community.